What do new ISO standards mean for quality assurance in quality control labs? ISO standards are reference methods for food microbiological regulations and widely used for food microbiological analysis. In 2017 several methods reviews were published, including new protocols and validation data. ISO methods are also required to demonstrate that new, rapid alternative methods are valid, provide equivalent results, and follow the ISO 16140‑2:2016 requirements for validation. The new standard ISO 16140-3 on method verification, currently in the last stage of development, will be very important in guaranteeing that validated methods are correctly implemented in each individual quality control laboratory. What benefits do such standards have? What are the challenges and how can we overcome them? ISO method are crucial to guarantee food safety and quality; they are the basis for laboratory accreditation according ISO 17025. This accreditation demonstrates the laboratory’s competence to customers, companies and regulatory authorities in reducing duplications, minimising errors, and speeding up the time to market. ISO methods facilitate the use of non‑proprietary technologies and supplies, paving the way for results that are reproducible between laboratories and accepted around the world. However, classical, culture-based methods take long to yield results, which is a critical issue for foods because it increases their costs and storage times. To overcome these limitations, regulations allow using alternative rapid methods for food businesses if they can provide validation data showing equivalent results. Using the latest published versions available through ISO or the websites of the responsible national committees, which are usually published in the local language, is important to guarantee compliance. New reviewed methods include the changes from previous versions and the impact of these changes in their introduction. Changes considered as major may impact method performance and results and, therefore, laboratories should perform additional verifications to demonstrate that they can make the method work. Alternative rapid methods should also be revalidated against the current versions when there are major changes. To be compliant, it is crucial to correctly implement the latest version of reference or the alternative rapid method validated against the reference method.


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EDT Auditors don’t put much emphasis on work-life conversational tone balance, but the quality of their audits tends to suffer if that balance is absent, according to a recent study. The study , by Jagan Krishnan, a professor of accounting at Temple University, and Joshua Khavis, an assistant professor of accounting at the University at Buffalo, recently published by the American Accounting Association, found that work-life balance Is associated with high-quality audits, though job satisfaction is not. It comes at a time when many auditors have spent more than a year working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, giving them more experience with work-life balance than perhaps they ever enjoyed in their careers. “The conventional wisdom is that job satisfaction and work-life balance are tied to the quality of our work, but nobody had actually tested this for auditors,” said Krishnan, in a statement Wednesday. “We wanted to answer several related questions,” said Khavis in a statement. “What do accounting employees think about their employers? Does job satisfaction relate to the quality of the firm’s audits? What about work-life balance? To address those questions, they retrieved company reviews from the jobs site GlassDoor.com and examined 19,673 employee reviews of 137 accounting firms. The reviews provided data on employee satisfaction across many different aspects of the workplace, including compensation, career opportunities and work-life balance. They then used that data to compute employee rating scores for each accounting firm for each year. They then matched each firm with its clients for the relevant year and looked at each client’s outcomes. This allowed the researchers to establish the quality of each firm’s audits in the given year. The researchers used computational models to account for extraneous variables, and ultimately found that “career opportunities,” “senior management,” and “culture and values” were the workplace aspects most closely associated with employee satisfaction. Surprisingly, “compensation and benefits” and “work-life balance” were least associated with satisfaction. However, the researchers also found that job satisfaction was not associated with audit quality.